Contact Someone To Meet At The Glory Hole


A Glory Hole is a DVD sized hole in a wall, that a man puts his penis through, so that someone on the otherside can perform oral sex.

Most Glory Holes are located inside adult-only businesses like adult video/magazine/sex toy stores, movie theatres, spa/steam room/bath house places and clubs. Other Glory Holes can be found in public washrooms, in the wall between a urinal and toilet stall. Here the man stands at the urinal exposing his penis to the person sitting on the toilet.

If they put their fingers through the hole that is an offer to perform oral sex. The man simply stands against the wall and puts his penis through. The person sitting, sucks on his penis until it ejaculates semen into their mouth.

Many people at this point choose to swallow (see Semen Therapy for health benifits and STD risks).

The man then usually washes his penis at the sink and leaves without speaking.

You may be considering doing this and that is why you have come to this site. This activity has the risk of STD transmission because the penis comes in contact with the mouth. The risk is not increased by taking his semen into your mouth and swallowing it. Unless you have bleeding gums or open ulcers in your mouth, the HIV risk is very low.

These risks can be all but eliminated by using a condom. Then semen can be swallowed from the condom.

Theses are meetings with strangers. Any one of them might be crazy. But then you might meet them anywhere.

This activity has risk. Why would anyone do it?

If you are consirned about the risk, don't do it. Fanasize about it, read about it and watch videos of it. The only people doing this are those people who are accepting of the consequences but driven to do it anyway. It means getting tested for STDs regularly and taking the treatment if perscribed. It means quiting the activity if you catch herpies or HIV. It means staying out of a committed relationship where your betrayal could come with an incurable infection.

So who would accept such demands from an activity?

There are two types; men who want oral sex often from strangers and those who love them.

The men are usually mighty over-sexed testosterone pumped alpha males; tops.

The cock suckers are subservient fems with self-esteem issues; bottoms.

So if you want to do it:

Find a glory Hole

Contact someone to meet you there.

Write about your experience.

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